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Me And My Dinosaur

Me And My DinosaurHelp a little boy and his pet dinosaur escape the scientists that are trying to get their hands on the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island

Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island Super Mario is back in a new adventure platformer. Collect all the stars while avoiding the scary ghosts.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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RADiancEA addictive retro arcade game that combines the game play of classics like Snake, Arkanoid and Pong in a awesome little flash game.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Undead Highway

Undead HighwayBuild wacky and powerful weapons and keep the zombie horde at a safe distance while you make your way to Haven Island. Keep your eye out for car keys, some of the zombies carry them around. Once you have them,..
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Treasure Hunter Man

Treasure Hunter ManA great freeware 2D platformer, featuring four dungeons with different themes, a variety of inventory items, unlockable skills, a couple of secrets, and two possible game endings.
Platform: Freeware Windows Game
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Smiley Showdown

Smiley ShowdownTake your time and make each try count. Destroy as many smileys as you can.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Dream Tower

 Dream TowerGet to the top of Dream Tower in this 3D platform game.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Grow Valley

Grow ValleyMake the right choices and watch the valley come to life and evolve.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

Earl Grey and This Rupert GuyRupert is a postman, who has a package to deliver to Earl Grey, who lives in the spooky haunted mansion on the hill. Help him find Earl Grey and deliver the package by exploring the mansion and solving puzzles ..
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Upstream Kayak

Upstream KayakTake control of a kayak and start tackling the dangerous mountain river. Jump out of the water and do tricks and increase your score.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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Claytus Hood TD

Claytus Hood TDProtect yourself against the attacking rodents in this addicting tower defense game.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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OzeeRun, jump, move objects and collect stars as you make your way to the exit in this fun physics-based platformer.
Platform: Flash Browser Game
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