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Captain Binary

Captain BinaryEarth has been attacked by aliens! Who can save us ?! Captain Binary of course ! Help him kill all the enemies in the 3 action packed levels. Careful they are well equipped with lasers, machine guns, flying sources, armor and many more weapons. At the end of each level our hero will have to fight with dangerous boss! But Captain Binary doesn't have to fight with bare hands. He always carries his superhero pistol with unlimited ammo. During fights he also can pick special equipment like: machine guns, RPGs or lasers. He is also well trained in close-combat.
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Game Platform: Windows (PC) Game
File Size: 42.4 MB
System requirements : Windows 9x/XP/2000/2003,Processor 500Mhz or faster,128MB RAM,DirectX 7 compatible (video),DirectSound compatible (sound)
Price : Free
Developer :
Genere/Other details :arcade,adventure

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