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FlightGearIf you like flying games and flight simulators then FlightGear is the game/simulator for you. It's a free, open-source multi-platform flight simulator developed by the FlightGear project since 1997.
The simulation engine in FlightGear is called SimGear. It is used both as an end-user application and in academic and research environments, for the development and pursuit of flight simulation ideas.
This customizability of FlightGear is illustrated by the wide range of aircraft models that are available in FlightGear, from gliders to helicopters, and from airliners to fighter jets. So what are you wainting for ? Download it now ! It's free and it runs in a variety of platforms.
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Download and Installation Directions:

Game Platform: 32-bit Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris or IRIX
File Size: -
System requirements : -
Price : Free ( GNU General Public
Developer : FlightGear Developers & Contributors
Genere/Other details :simulation, flying

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