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Head Over Heels

Head Over HeelsHead Over Heels is an arcade adventure, released in 1987 for several popular 8-bit home computers, and subsequently ported to a wide range of formats. The game introduced an original concept: the player controls (initially separately) two characters instead of just one. The two characters have different abilities (Head can jump twice as high, control himself in the air, and fire doughnuts from a hooter to paralyze enemies; while Heels can run twice as fast, climb certain staircases that Head cannot, and carry objects around a room in a bag), which become complementary when the player combines them together after about a sixth of the game. Compared to its predecessors, the game offers unique and revolutionary gameplay, more complex puzzles, and more than 300 rooms to explore. This is a remake of Head Over Heels and it works on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
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Download and Installation Directions:

Game Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux Game
File Size: ~15MB
System requirements : At least 128Mb of RAM (256Mb is recommended). At least Direct-X 3 installed. Pentium 233Mhz or better processor
Price : Free
Developer : Retrospec
Genere/Other details :Arcade, Puzzle