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Jelly Car

Jelly CarJellyCar is a driving/platform game for both Windows and Xbox360. In the game you drive a squishy car through over 18 squishy levels . The game features soft body physics for all of the objects in the world. The game also has a fully featured level editor so you can create your own levels and take the squishy car for a spin through them. The game is free to download and works on any Windows computer.
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Download and Installation Directions:

Game Platform: Freeware Windows Game
File Size: 58.55 MB
System requirements : Windows XP / Vista + .NET 2.0 + DirectX 9.06 + Xbox 360 controller recommended on windows, a video card capable of Pixel Shader 2.0 is required.
Price : Freeware
Developer : Walaber
Genere/Other details :car, arcade

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