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Push Push Penguin

Push Push Penguin Guide Pen-Pen or his sweetheart Deda-Deda around the mazes and try to crush all monsters on screen with the Ice Blocks scattered around. Use the Action button to push the ice block or crush it if it cannot be pushed. If you face the outer wall and press the Action button then you will start breathing the icy breath onto them which will make them freeze. If there are any monsters walking by the frozen wall they will get instantly stunned and you can use this opportunity to crush them with an ice block. There are several different kinds of monsters which you will meet through the game. They all act differently and each has its own special ability - some can crush ice blocks, some push them into you and some have a special effection for our beloved Pengiun. Some monsters you won't be able to just crush with the ice block but they will become frozen inside the block if you push it into them. If this happens then you have 5 seconds to crush the block with the monster inside or they will be set free ! In later levels there will be several different traps hindering you in your path to save your friends like Booby Traps, Slippery ice, etc. You can disarm some by pushing ice blocks into them, but others will just stay there forever. Look out for special power-ups, you may even find the hidden Bonus Forest or the key to the power of the legendary fire penguin! Also there is an extra life in for you every 50.000 points!
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Game Platform: Windows
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Developer : BLACK CAT
Genere/Other details :arcade, skill

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